BFA Fabric Design Exit Show

The following are images of Krista Marie’s collection of work displayed in the University of Georgia’s Spring 2008 BFA Fabric Design Exit Show. 



Artist Statement:

Nature has been an inspiration for art since the first artists scrawled images of animals on the walls of caves.  Artists have highlighted various aspects of nature for years while people have both sought solace from its harshness as well as solace in its serenity.  In my own work I have highlighted small fragments of nature such as the markings on bird’s wings, the patterns on tree trunks, and the details of a moth’s wing.  I chose to portray such imagery in the form of garments in order to provide a connection between these small and fragile pieces of nature and our own fragility and mortality.  Everything we see before us is temporary, and all the more beautiful for it.  The poet Peter Meinke wrote that “flowers are beautiful because they die.”  Each piece hangs, suspended in the air as a sign of its impermanence.  Together they represent each fleeting moment; they represent the beauty and wonder that we often seek unknowingly overlooking it.  Through my works I hope to convey a sense of the magic and mystery that is present in the world around us. 


hand painted silk garment


(back detail)


hand painted silk garment


hand painted silk garment


hand painted, layered silk garment


hand painted silk garment


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