Styles: On Motherhood and Shoes


People say when you become a parent everything changes, and I believed it. What I didn’t realize is that “everything” included my shoes.

A love for shoes runs in my family, starting with my grandmother, and it’s been passed down to my cousin and me. (With a stated goal of owning 200 pairs of shoes, my cousin is more dedicated than I am, but I have always loved my heels!)

Now, with a baby always in my arms, my hands are always full. Just buckling a pair of sandals can be too much for me now! So I set out to find a new pair of shoes with these criteria:

  • A small heel that adds some height and femininity while still maintaining comfort
  • An open toe and feminine straps – nothing too clunky
  • A slip-on shoe I can step into on my way out the door with a baby, diaper bag, keys, etc., and no free hands

After a little searching, I found these cute sandals from — just what I needed!

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