Threads: Nursing Cover / Nursing Apron Pattern

nursing apron

Just finished my nursing apron!

It’s a pretty easy project for anyone interested in making their own.


Apron fabrics

1. Start with two yards of two fabrics (one for the front and one for a lining.) Cut two pieces of fabric 36 in. X 28 in.

Apron strap

2. Cut one of the extra pieces of the front fabric into a 3 in. wide strip for the straps. Tuck in the raw edges, and fold into thirds. Iron.

Apron ruffle

Second apron ruffle

3. Use two of the other extra pieces cut from the two yards of fabric to make ruffles for the top of the nursing cover.

  • The ruffles should be two different sizes — the larger ruffle is made from the backing fabric .
  • Roll the bottom edge of the ruffle. Pin, and sew.
  • At the middle of both pieces of fabric, create a pleat. (Pinch about an inch of the fabric together toward the right-side of the fabric. Flatten the pinched part of the fabric, and pin the pleat.)
  • Create four more pleats, two on each side of the center pleat, equally spaced.
  • Stay stitch the top of both ruffled fabrics to hold the pleats in place and prevent unraveling.

Fabric boning

4. Next, pin 1/2 yard of boning on the wrong-side of the front fabric. Leave about 3/4 in. border at the top. Sew on the top and bottom of the boning.

Ruffle attachment

5. Turn the fabric over, and attach the larger ruffle to the right-side of the front fabric. Sew just below the boning (as pictured above).

6. Next, add two darts on each side of both the front fabric and the lining. Place the first dart 8 in. from the top, and the second dart 8 in. below the first. Darts should be 1.5 in. at the start and extend 4 in. in length.

7. Now lay out the front fabric, right-side up. Lay the top ruffle just above the boning on top of the front fabric. Also, place the strap on top of these layers, making sure each end is place equidistant from the center.

8. Position the fabric lining on top of these layers, right-side down (so the right sides are facing each other).

9. Sew along the top edge first, sewing through both the front, the lining, the top ruffle, and the straps.

10. Once the top of the apron is stitched together, pin the remaining three sides, and sew along the sides, leaving a small section at the bottom open (about 6 in.).

11. Trim the four corners at a diagonal.

12. Turn the apron right-side out.

13. Hand-stitch the bottom corner.

Apron ruffles

Nursing cover back

Nursing Apron


3 thoughts on “Threads: Nursing Cover / Nursing Apron Pattern

  1. Not sure when I’ll be able to use this but I’ll save it. 😉

    When are you due this week???????????

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