Musings: 10 Ways to Enjoy the Journey to Motherhood


The past couple months have been very busy with work and preparing for a new baby. With only one month to go, I can’t believe it’s really happening!

As I look back over the past several months, I am grateful for how well everything has gone and how much support I’ve had.

10 Things That Made My Journey to Motherhood Enjoyable:

1. Making sure to get plenty of rest

2. Lots of support from my husband, friends, and family

3. Exercising as much as I have the energy to (with the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project)

4. Compliments — especially from my wonderful husband

5. Reading about pregnancy, babies, other women’s experiences

6. Taking classes at the hospital

7. Revisiting songs and books from my childhood that I’ll soon share with my child

8. Learning CPR — it’s amazing how much more confident I feel afterward

9. Preparing the home for the baby, which helps make it feel real and makes me feel ready

10. Focusing on the big picture — our baby who will soon be in our arms


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