Threads: Perseverance and Seeking New Opportunities

Statement Jewelry Display

I posted a couple weeks ago about preparing for an art show in Fort Worth. I enjoyed putting together my display and preparing for the show. Then, a couple Saturdays ago, I set out hopeful in the early morning not knowing what to expect.

I arrived at a small venue to what turned out to be a very small show – only about a dozen participants – and set up on a chilly and quite windy Saturday morning. I wrapped my sweater tightly around me and waited for some buyers – or at least some lookers…

Attendance was somewhat small, and while I got a few compliments, my necklaces were certainly not flying off the table.

Silk Statement Necklaces

Handmade Jewelry
At least a couple good things came of the show:

— I can cross “participate in at least one art show” off my New Year’s Resolution list.
— I have display and fliers ready to go if I decide to participate in another show any time soon.

In the meantime, I’m looking for more ways to gain exposure for my work. I came across a website aimed at selling American-made products and jumped at the opportunity to sell through their site. Unfortunately, as soon as I signed a contract and took the time to prepare photos and information for them according to their instructions, they emailed me back that they are shutting down for the time being.

I have too many necklaces and enjoy making them too much to give up!
Also, I was encouraged to make a custom sale recently.

So here’s what’s next:
— I have a couple necklaces in the works here I need to finish up and post in my Etsy store.
— I’m looking for bloggers who might be interested in posting about my work in return for a complementary necklace.
— I’m trying to bolster my social media presence. (Twitter: @KristaM06397552; Facebook:

Would love to hear from you if you have any advice or would be interested in highlighting my handmade jewelry on your blog!


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