Made: Baby Nursery Decorating

Baby Nursery

In my New Year’s Resolution post earlier this month, I made some goals for preparing for the baby during the first half of the year.

Nursery decor

Nursery Furniture

Baby swing

We painted the room at the end of last year, just before the holidays, and the baby has already received quite a few gifts to make his/her room bright and cheery. The color is called “Greek Sea,” and the full color scheme will be “Greek Sea,” black, and white with an overall theme of penguins. (Check out my penguin pics from Patagonia here!)

I’ll be hanging a weaving I did in Huancayo, Peru, and I’m doing some penguin paintings for the walls.
We’ll keep the crib in our bedroom for a while (according to safety recommendations), but we still have some arranging and decorating to do here.

If you’re looking for baby nursery inspirations, check out these sites:

Project Nursery

A few ideas from HGTV (except that many have bumper pads; please don’t!)

Some cute inspirations from

Also, be sure to check out these videos for sleeping safety, and be sure your cute decorations aren’t a hazard!

“Rossen Reports: Crib products may be deadly, experts say”

WebMD: “Beware Baby Bed Bumper Pads”

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