The Wedge Pillow (for comfortable sleeping while expecting)

wedge pillow

I came across a wedge pillow made by Boppy in Babies R Us, and I thought, “What a good idea!” Then I promptly went home and set to work making one of my own. It’s a nice, small, squishy pillow to cushion the baby when I’m sleeping on my side.

Here’s how:

Cut two identical semi-circles (17.5 in. long, 10.5 in. in width), two triangles (3.5 in. wide at base, 10 in. tall), and one rectangle (17.5 in. by 3.5 in.).


wedge pillow pattern


Then sew the rectangle to the flat edge of one semi-circle.

Sew one of the long sides of each triangle to each side of the same semi-circle, starting at the corners.

Next, sew the short edges of both triangles to the rectangle.

Now, sew the other semi-circle along the edges of the rectangle, triangles, and leave a small open space where the two identical semi-circles meet in the front.

Turn inside-out. Stuff with lots of stuffing.

Slip stitch remaining opening by hand.

Happy sleeping!

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