New Year’s Resolutions Strategy: The Two-part Plan


Happy New Year!

The holidays are over, and everyone is heading back to work under a gray, winter sky. It’s been wonderful having time with family, but I’m ready to work again and start making things again. 2012 was an exciting year here. We went on our honeymoon, traveled to California, and found out we’re having a baby! 2013 will be very exciting as we welcome our new baby and adjust to a whole new way of life!

With an arrival expected in May – almost halfway through the year – I’m breaking my New Year’s resolutions into two segments this year. Perhaps I’ll check in at the midpoint and see how I’m doing and maybe make an updated list for 2013 Part II. As life is so unpredictable – baby or no baby – I think this is a good practice either way.

So, here are my goals:

2013 Part I:

Jewelry-making Endeavors:

Continue making new jewelry in new colors and styles.

Gain more online presence, and make more sales on Etsy.

Participate in at least one art show and sell in person.

Preparing for Baby:

Get into a workout routine (after slacking over the holidays) with Tracy Anderson’s Pregnancy Project and a little extra aerobics at the gym.

Finish getting the house and baby room ready for the baby. (We’ve already made some good progress with painting and with the help of some generous Christmas presents from family!)

Get better at using my camera and all its various settings.

2013 Part II:

A New Life:

Adjust to new sleeping patterns (without being cranky) and try to get the baby on a good sleep schedule within a few months (no hard deadline here!).

Keep writing – with a baby on my lap.

Keep creating – with a baby on my lap.

Take things one day at a time…

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions Strategy: The Two-part Plan

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