Holiday Sewing: Shimmering Christmas Tree Skirt


My father-in-law wanted a large-diameter tree skirt for his new Christmas tree in time for a Christmas party at his home last weekend. So, I set to work last week making a shimmering, snowflake tree skirt.

The skirt needed to be 84 inches in diameter, so first I taped a bunch of newsprint together and created an 84-inch diameter circle. (My cat was quite amused as paper is one of her favorite things.)

Next, I folded the circle in halves until I had 16 equal-sized sections.


Then I cut out one pie-piece and cut the bottom into a point. (If you’re trying this, be sure to fold the piece in half to get symmetrical angles.)

Next, I cut 8 pieces of dark silver fabric, 8 pieces of light silver fabric, 16 pieces of sheer white fabric with a metallic snowflake pattern, and 16 pieces of quilt batting. (All fabric pieces should be just slightly larger than the pattern piece. The batting should be the exact size and the most precise in shape.)


Here’s the pieces ready to layer and sew. I added the sheer layer on top and the batting underneath.

To make it easier to sew, I started by sewing two pie pieces together at a time, so I had 8 pieces. Then, I sewed two of each of those together, so I had four pieces, and so on… until I had a giant circle.

When I had a full circle with one opening, I cut a circle out of the center (for the tree trunk) and then laid the entire skirt out flat to use as a pattern for the back. I cut two pieces of solid, dark silver for the backing (tracing the skirt carefully to make sure I kept the integrity of the shape I worked so hard to create).

Then, it was quite bulky, but I pinned the backing to the front, right-sides together and began sewing around the perimeter. I left a slit at the opening. (Remember, a tree skirt must have an opening so you can put it around the tree.) Then I turned it inside-out like a pillow case and hand-stitched the small slit in the back.



Merry Christmas!

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