Painting the Couch (and was it a good idea?)

As I began my home decorating mission with paint as my main instrument, I decided to paint this faded, flowered couch we had sitting in our front room. It’s an old hand-me-down someone gave us when we first moved in. It’s way too cushy, too bright and too faded.

So armed with instructions from another blog, I set out to paint my couch – yes paint my couch with latex paint. I picked a nice gray and ordered several bottles of Textile Medium.

I mixed paint and medium as instructed and applied two coats to the couch and all the cushions.


Before Couch


Painted Couch

Now, for an honest critique of the project:

I think the couch looks better from afar for sure! It matches the paintings above and the nearby shelving and furniture nicely.

Unfortunately, the couch feels like it was painted with latex paint. The textile medium might help it stick to the fabric, but it does nothing for the texture of the paint.

The couch feels like plastic.

Not comfortable.

However, we don’t really sit on the couch much, so I through a few blankets over it, and like I said, it definitely looks better when you walk past it (which is usually what we do) on your way to the comfortable couches in the back room by the television.

Would I reccommend painting your own couch?
Not if you plan to sit on it.

Perhaps, this would be a good method for screen printing projects, especially things like tote bags, wall hangings, etc.


Textile Medium

Mixing Instructions:

Mix textile medium into latex paint with a ratio of 1:4.

(Perhaps experiment with more for a softer feel. I haven’t experimented with it since painting the couch.)

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