My First Decoupage

studio space

As I mentioned last week, I’m on a mission to improve our home interior a bit. I won’t call it interior design because it’s really just me reinventing what we have and sprucing things up. Perhaps home decorating is the term?

Anyway, my art studio/craft space is in the front room of our home, which is great because I have a lot of space and bright light. However, it also means my messes are on display and in constant view.

So I have to mini-missions within my overall mission of decorating our home.

  1. Organize my craft supplies
  2. Make my studio space more attractive

I started organizing some of my supplies into boxes by categories, starting with my jewelry supplies.

jewelry-making supplies

Then, to make it look nicer, I decided to try something new: decoupage.

Here’s my first attempt.

I worked with an old cardboard box and some of my screen printed fabric I mentioned Friday. If you look up how to decoupage, you’ll invariably find a call for Modpodge. However, I worked with acrylic medium because that’s what I had on hand. It worked well.

acrylic matte medium

Here’s what you do:

Paint a layer of Modpodge or acrylic medium onto the surface of your box. Then quickly lay down your fabric or paper. Smooth it out, starting from the middle.

When it’s in place and smooth, paint another layer of medium over the fabric or paper. Use the medium generously, but don’t soak your project.

Let it dry completely.

My first attempt was not perfect, but it’s acceptable.

decoupage box

Stay tuned for more home decorating ideas and decoupage boxes coming soon!

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