yaaawn… Monday

Cute Cat

My lazy cat is not helping inspire productivity this morning…

I must push past the urge to be lazy and jump into this week with full force! It’s a new week with new projects, new deadlines, and new opportunities!

How is your Monday looking?

How about doing something today that makes a difference in the world?

I posted a press release a couple weeks ago about Cherie Amie. (You can read that here.) But today I want to talk about them in my own words because I think what they are doing is truly amazing and bold.

Cherie Amie is a fair trade lingerie company with operations in Cameroon. The company provides women in Cameroon with a sustainable means to support their families in safe working conditions with fair wages, and Cherie Amie provides us with sexy lingerie we can feel good about wearing. So everyone wins.

The company’s founder is a returned Peace Corps volunteer, so she intimately knows the people and the community where she is beginning her company, and she cares about these women personally.

Cherie Amie is already gaining national recognition, but the company is still in its infant stages. Right now, they’re looking to raise $15,000 to start their operations. You can donate on Indigogo.com. (Read more about the venture on the Indigogo page, and scroll down to see the exact breakdown of where your money will go when you donate.)

There’s just 18 days left to make your initial purchase. That’s right. They aren’t even asking for “donations.” They’re asking you to make a purchase. You get to help start a revolutionary company that will change the lives of women in Cameroon, and you get something in return.

If you don’t have much to spare, that’s ok. They’re not asking for much. You can donate as little as $10. So take a quick moment, and make a difference in the world today.

What a great way to start off your week!

Here’s one of the various video updates from Tara, co-founder of Cherie Amie.

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