Threads: Featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Check out my necklace on Jewelry Making Journal!

Turquoise and Tangering color blocking

I’m so happy to be on here with so many other great jewelry makers. For those of you who are jewelry makers or crafters in general, Jewelry Making Journal is a great resource for everything from jewelry-making ideas and tips to business and marketing tips.

Here’s an article I particularly enjoyed:
Approaching Shops and Galleries with Your Jewelry

I’ve also been working on a few housekeeping updates here and on Etsy. I added an international shipping feature to my Etsy shop. I updated my gravatar on both Etsy and my Facebook page. Previously, my gravatar image was a silk dress I made for my BFA exit show, but since I’ve been making jewelry lately and that’s what’s featured in my shop, I thought it would be fitting to change it to an image of one of my necklaces.

I chose this one because I think it’s a nice clean image, and it matches well with my banner:

Repurpused Vintage Jewelry

Also check me out on Twitter:

I promise it’s not all self-promotional tweets about my jewelry.

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Threads: Featured on Jewelry Making Journal

  1. Love the Gravatar – it looks great on your Etsy Shop Page. I clicked on the Jewelry Making Journal and realised it’s one that I subscribe to anyway (the newsletter) but never get chance to read! Must start making time for that… Cath.

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