Olympic Athletes Per Capita

Olympic Rings over the River Tyne, Limited Edition (1 of 10)
(Limited edition photograph by Richard Reid: http://www.etsy.com/listing/103594420/olympic-rings-over-the-river-tyne)

If you’ve been watching the Olympics, and especially if you watched the opening ceremonies, you’ve probably noticed some countries have many more athletes representing them than others.

The countries with the highest numbers of athletes at the Olympics this year are, Great Britain, the U.S., Russia, Australia, Germany, and China.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean these countries are overrepresented when population is taken into account. So my husband here did a little math to see which countries have the most and least athletes per capita.

Here’s what he found:


Country – citizens per athlete participating in the 2012 Olympics

  1. New Zealand – 24,098
  2. Slovenia – 31,658
  3. Estonia – 39,219
  4. Croatia – 39,728
  5. Trinidad and Tobago – 43,924


  1. Bangladesh – 30,503,603
  2. DR Congo – 17,393,750
  3. India – 14,940,660
  4. Indonesia – 10,801,878
  5. Pakistan – 8,582,238

Also, congrats to Allison Schmitt, the first Georgia Bulldog to win a gold medal in swimming!


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