Threads: Happy Friday! New Necklaces and Fun Totes

Happy Friday, everyone!

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I met my goal of having 20 items in my Etsy shop. Yesterday, I posted about the tangerine trend. Today, I’ll share one other necklace I haven’t posted about yet.

After creating this delicate, pink, braided necklace,

Pink Silk Necklace

I got the idea to do another similar necklace with a little sparkle.

So I cut three more strips of pink silk, rolled in the edges and sewed them with invisible stitching; and then I sewed clear, sparkling seed beads along the edge of one of the strips. Here’s the end result:

Pink Silk Necklace with Sparkle

Braided Necklace Closure

Both braided necklaces close in the back with interlocking loops and a snap.

So the shop has a bit of variety with these light, delicate necklaces and the bold, heavier necklaces with tangerine silk and large, wooden beads.

And now, here’s a few other things on Etsy that I love. Today’s focus: Fun Totes!

Canvas Tote Bag Travel Bag Purse Diaper Bag Forest in Sweden

Green flowers tote bag

Lilly Jeans


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