Threads: Fashion Trends in Handmade Jewelry: Tangerine and Turquoise

Alright, I have 20 items in my Etsy shop. I posted the 20th last weekend!

The latest two pieces are inspired by this season’s most popular color: Tangerine.

Tangerine Silk

I’m seeing it everywhere. It’s such a bright, bold, cheerful color for summer!

So I made a medium-length statement necklace with an asymmetrical twist.  The necklace has beads ranging from about .33 inches to about .5 inches, but just off-center are two large, 1-inch beads, giving the handmade necklace a distinctive, artful quality.

Tangerine Silk Necklace

Tangerine Silk Beaded Necklace

Necklace clasp

Next, I combined my tangerine silk with another summer fashion trend: color blocking.

This necklace features tangerine interrupted in the middle with bold turquoise.

Color block necklace

Color block necklace

If you want to know more about my process, visit these two posts where I explain how I dye the silk and how I create the silk-covered bead necklaces:

How to Dye Silk

New Silk Charmeuse Necklace in Progress


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