Saturday at the Farmers Market: Locallly Grown Food Tastes Better!

Farmers Market Bag

We went out and did one of my favorite summer activities this weekend. We went to the farmers market!

I love walking down the aisles of brightly colored, fresh produce and picking out delicious fruits and vegetables to take home for the week.

I won’t go into the politics of food and buying locally grown food (partly because that’s not the aim of this blog and partly because I don’t function under the assumption that my local economy here in Dallas has a greater need or is more deserving than another “local” economy in Florida or Illinois.). However, I do believe there are some locally grown food benefits.

All tomatoes are not the same. There are countless varieties of tomatoes that look very similar, and the ones grown by local farmers to sell locally are often very different from those grown on large farms and shipped across the country.

Those grown to be shipped are grown to withstand stacking, packing, and shipping. They are bred to stay fresh longer because it can take several days to make it from the farm to your kitchen.

However, the tomatoes grown locally and sold within a couple of days are bred for taste, not durability. They are often juicier, tastier, and some say more nutritious (though others contest this).

Locally Grown Fuits

So I buy my summer tomatoes at the farmers market when I can because they do taste delicious. We also bought peaches and oranges (though the oranges came from Florida anyway, haha).

We then had a delicious dinner of chicken salad on croissants; avocado slices with salt, pepper, and lemon; and tomatoes with fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, and balsamic vinegar.

Chicken Salad and Tomatoes

(I’ll post the chicken salad recipe tomorrow.)


2 thoughts on “Saturday at the Farmers Market: Locallly Grown Food Tastes Better!

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