Life as a Writer: Mortgage Industry Gossip and Summer Wine Pairings

Georgia Connector magazine

For those of you who don’t know, when I’m not making jewelry, dyeing silk, sewing, painting or blogging, I spend my time freelance writing and editing.

I’ve written for various lifestyle publications about topics such as art, home décor, health and wellness, dating, local business and travel. Also, for about a year, I’ve been writing about mortgage finance at two sister publications called DS News and MReport.

When I began writing about the mortgage industry, I knew nothing about it. Now, I follow the latest industry reports and regulation – mortgage rates, home prices, CFPB announcements – the way some people follow the latest celebrity gossip.

This week, the deputy director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau largely blamed the recent downturn in the housing market on mortgage brokers, sparking outrage among one national association that immediately called for his resignation based on his bias against mortgage brokers.

I had turned to the National Association of Independent Housing Professionals for a comment hoping to get at least some bland rebuttal about how the housing crisis is a complex event with a variety of contributing causes. Instead, the president of the association greeted me with his candid opinion, letting me know that his organization was, as we spoke, composing a press release calling for the deputy director’s resignation.

I covered his reaction Tuesday and Wednesday followed up with more information, including an official press release and a response from the CFPB.

While this may not be the event of the year in mortgage banking, it is invigorating to break through the stream of carefully prepared press releases and official statements and speak to someone with a strong opinion who is willing to share it, and furthermore to break the news before anyone else is really talking about it. Who would have thought a right-brain creative could be so excited about the mortgage industry?

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If you’re not that enthused about mortgages, perhaps you might find wine pairings more enthralling. Here’s a link to my latest article in Georgia Connector. My article discussing summer wine and food pairings starts on page 47.

Also, you can check out my writing portfolio at

wine glass

Wine Pairing

Also, here is a mini summer wine pairing guide for my lovely readers who have continued reading through the mortgage gossip (which usually does not make its way to this blog).


If you’re simply eating tomatoes with salt and pepper, a Gewürztraminer pairs very nicely, accenting the flavor of the tomatoes.


Avocado is one of my favorite summer fruits, but I’ve been told they’re difficult to pair with wine because of their oily quality. Avoid reds with avocados. Try an acidic white wine.


Yum! Basil goes well with chardonnay or pinot grigio.

Salads and vinaigrettes:

Riesling, Chablis and Champagnes go well with vinaigrette dressings.


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