Threads: Braided Necklace and Etsy Favorites

It’s a quiet, dreary day here, so I think I might brighten it up by working on some more necklaces.

I posted a new one to Etsy last night. This is the second one that doesn’t use any wooden beads. I made thin strips and braided them together. The necklace fastens with interlocking loops and a snap.

Pink silk Necklace

Pink silk necklace

Pink necklace detail

Silk necklace detail

I may try another braided variation later, but next I’m working on a thin, knotted necklace with small beads. Here’s the start:

Purple Silk

My goal is to have 20 necklaces posted on Etsy at the end of the next two weeks. With the pink braided one, I have 16, so four more to go!

In the meantime, here’s a few of my favorite things on Etsy right now:

Handmade jewelry. Brass, sterling silver and blackened copper drop earrings. Modern

Pillow Cover Vintage Hot Air Balloon Cotton and Burlap Pillows

Tree of Life Silk Wrap Bracelet Yoga Jewelry Bohemian Anklet Necklace Earthy Unique Gift Under 50 Item B63

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