Threads: New Silk Charmeuse Necklace in Progress

I’m working on a new silk necklace. The color is somewhere between fuschia and plum, and the fabric is silk charmeuse — a very shiny, soft silk.

First, I make strip of fabric wide enough for the beads to fit in when it’s sewn into a tube. The best way to create an even-width piece of fabric is to tear it because it will tear along the weave, whereas cutting on a perfectly straight line requires some measuring and careful cutting. tearing silk

Next, of couse is pinning in place, so I can sew it.

pinning silk

One thing to note about silk is that the edges start to unravel right away. Maybe it’s the slippery fibers, but silk unravels more quickly and to a greater degree than any other fabric I’ve worked with.


Because of the unraveling, it’s good to do a little extra stitching. I use a zigzag stitch close to the edge before adding a straight stitch just inside the zigzag.

zigzag stitch

After stitching, I turn the fabric inside out and insert a piece of jewelry wire through the fabric leaving plenty extra at both ends.

jewelry wire

Next, I finish off one end of the fabric, just tucking in the raw edges,  and now it’s time to start adding the beads. I insert a wooden bead pushing it down to the closed end of the necklace along the jewelry wire. I insert a needle with thread through the fabric and through the bead. Then I wrap the thread around the silk several times before adding another bead so that the fabric conforms to the shape of the beads.

And that’s how it’s done!

2 thoughts on “Threads: New Silk Charmeuse Necklace in Progress

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