My Egg Roll Adventure

Birthday Dinner

I made sesame chicken drumsticks last week for my husband’s birthday, and I needed some side dishes to go with it. What better to make then than egg rolls?

I had never made them before. In fact, I had never really made anything that required deep frying, so this was an adventure for me. I found a recipe from Chef Emeril on the Food Network and set off to try it out.

Get the recipe here.

First, I visited three grocery stores to find the egg roll wrapers. (If you live in Dallas, go to Central Market.)

Chop up your carrots, snow peas and cabbage. (I probably could have chopped the cabbage a little more, but it turned out fine.)

Stir-fry veggies

Stir fry them for a few mintues in a little oil. (I didn’t have the sesame oil the recipe called for, so I substituted with stir fry oil.) Easy enough.

Then it’s time to start heating your oil while you wrap the egg rolls. The recipe says to use 1/8 of the filling in each egg roll wrapper. I’m sure this depends on how big your cabbage is (The recipe calls for a half cabbage.), but I ended up with way more veggies than would fit in eight wrappers, so I just made extra egg rolls.

Egg roll in progress

Place the veggies close to one corner; fold that corner over the veggies; and then fold in the two corners on each side. Once you have three corners folded in (like an envelope), roll the egg roll forward toward the last corner, and there you have it. Keep a glass of water nearby, and lightly wet the corners (not too much) before you start. The last corner is the most important; make sure to wet it at the tip when it’s all together, so your egg roll doesn’t fall apart.

Uncooked Egg Rolls

I made them in rounds because my pot was not quite big enough to fit them all at once. I grabbed each wrapped egg roll with tongs and lowered it carefully, gently into the oil. Be careful not to splash. The recipe calls for two minutes in the oil, but I cooked mine a little longer — probably because I turned my oil down just a little so it didn’t bubble over.

Egg Rolls

All in all, it was not too difficult — just a bit messy — and they turned out great!


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