Happy Flowering Friday with Strawberry Cupcake Recipe!

Well, we’ve had this plant growing in our yard since we moved in, just big green stalks with skinny, pointy leaves that grow taller and taller. Then, last week I noticed a few buds, and now… flowers!



Flowering Plant

Pink Flowers

What a nice surprise — bright pink flowers!

And speaking of pink things… last night we went out for another birthday dinner celebration, and my husband received a strawberrry cake, made from scratch from a Paula Dean recipe. I think this is the recipe. It’s very rich, and interestingly, it calls for gelatin. Once you know it’s in there, you can tell. It does affect the texture some. The icing has cream cheese and strawberries, which I love!

Strawberry Cake

So, we have plenty of strawberry desserts here now (as well as a partial Boston cream pie and chocolate pie from other birthday celebrations — I told my husband he’s celebrating his birthweek instead of just his birthday).

My cupcakes did turn out well though, and they’re sitting on the counter tempting me right now…

Strawberry Cupcakes

I used the recipe is from Sprinkles, which I found on the Martha Stewart website: http://www.marthastewart.com/258957/sprinkles-strawberry-cupcakes

They are dense cupcakes, pretty filling. The icing is delicious but also pretty rich. I guess the fact that this is the second time I’ve made them is a testament to their tastiness!


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