Threads: Repurposing

I have a pile of old beaded jewelry my grandmother was getting rid of several years ago. I held onto it for the beads and clasps, and I’m finally doing something with it.

Beaded Jewelry

I already used a few beads and a wooden clasp that I absolutely love in these pieces:

The blue beads at the top of this blue and purble silk beaded necklace are repurposed from one of the old necklaces.

Blue and Purple Asymmetrical Necklace

Detail image of blue beads

I used my favorite clasp in this orange silk necklace. I have one more clasp like this I’m holding onto and trying to figure out a good way to use it.

Orange Silk Necklace

Detail image - wooden clasp

And now, here’s a fun piece a started yesterday. I think I’ll add in a strand of blue beads as well. I like the contrast of the materials.

Blue and purble necklace - silk and beads


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