Smoked Sausage Pasta Dinner

Smoked Sausage Pasta

I’m definitely not a chef, but I do enjoy cooking. Sometimes, I follow a strict recipe, and sometimes I improvise a little. Last night, I improvised a pretty basic but good and very filling dinner.

Grocery List:

Smokes sausage
Olive oil
Diced tomatoes (2 8 oz. cans)

First, I sliced the mushrooms and sausage and washed some spinach.

I cooked the mushrooms in a little olive oil, garlic and just a little of the tomato juice in a large skillet and started the pasta boiling in its own pot. When the mushrooms were pretty well-cooked, I added the tomatoes and sausage. (I used one can of plain, diced tomatoes and one can of Italian spiced tomatoes.) I added a little pepper and a little more garlic once everything is in the pan together.

When the liquid in the pan started bubbling, I added the spinach. (I don’t like the spinach to get too soft, so I add it at the very end.)

When the pasta is finished, I mix everything together, sprinkle with parmesan, and voila! Dinner is ready!

(And we even had leftovers.)

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