Threads: New Pink Necklace

I just finished a new silk necklace. This one is light pink silk crepe, and I tried a little something different this time…

Here’s how it went:

First, I cut the fabric into strips, folded it over and sewed the open edge to make a tube.

sewing machine and pink silk

pink silk sewn

Next, I pulled jewelry wire through the fabric and began adding wooden beads, knotting the fabric between each bead.

Pink necklace in progress

I stopped after several inches and tried out a new technique.

pink neckalce in progress 2

I twisted the rest of the fabric a little on each side and wrapped it with light grey thread, starting from the bottom of the necklace by the last knot, going up to the end, and then back down again.

Pink necklace almost complete

Finished off the back with a little asymmetrical beading…

pink necklace back

And here it is!

pink silk necklace

pink silk necklace close-up

This will  be available on Etsy later today: KristaMarieCreations


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