What’s for Dinner?

stove top

I love cooking, especially now that I have someone to share my dinners with each night. Washing and chopping produce, stirring ingredients, even measuring everything out – to me it has a methodic, calming appeal. I love the scents that waft through the air and tasting a little as I cook.

Trying new recipes is always an adventure, and sometimes I improvise a little – combining ingredients based on the memory of a meal I had at a restaurant or a recipe I once made.

The hardest part for me is just deciding what to cook. On weekends or early in the week, I sit down and try to decide what to eat for the week. I write down a few meals and then make my grocery list from that.

cook books

Here are a few places I go for inspiration:

Betty Crocker’s Cookbook: Bridal Edition

Even if you’re not a bride this is a great resource. It’s a pretty extensive cookbook with all kinds of basic cooking tips and delicious recipes. It also has some alternate suggestions to make some of the recipes low-calorie.

Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats – A Year of Deliciously Different Dinners (A 30-Minute Meal Cookbook)

This one has some fun and easy meals and one of my favorite salads – an orange citrus salad with a great recipe made from fresh-squeezed orange juice, olive oil, honey, mustard, and oregano. Mmm!


Martha Stewart has great suggestions for seasonal dishes. She usually has slide shows of recipes based on a holiday, season or a particular ingredient.

Cookbook 25 Years: Women of the Farm Bureau

My husband loves casseroles (more than steaks), and I’ve found some good ones in here. If you’re in the mood for a hearty casserole, check this one out.


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