Re-Creation project

It all started with the “delete” symbol. I wanted to sew it. Then I decided to sew a series of symbols – all instructional symbols. All the symbols represent an action that can be part of recreational activity or hobby that involves recreating something.

For example, the flash has to do with photography, which is recreating images or settings that exist or have existed somewhere else. The delete symbol deals with writing or storytelling – recreating an event in another medium. There is the stitch symbol for sewing when people often follow patterns to recreate something someone else designed. There is the fold symbol for folding over a piece of paper when making origami, and even a football play, sweep.

Delete symbol


Fold symbol




Open symbol


Stitch symbol


Rotate symbol


Repeat symbol


Fast Forward symbol

Fast Forward

Flash symbol


I made black bias tape out of cotton quilting fabric and sewed it onto white fabric. Each is then stretched onto 12 in. X 12 in. stretcher frames.

I started this project a while ago, but I just recently finally stretched the last one, completing the set.

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