Spring Steak Salad

My cousin over at http://couture-my-body.tumblr.com/ posted a delicious-looking steak bowl the other day. She posts some great healthy recipes and exercise routines.

My meals aren’t quite as healthy or low-cal as hers, but I do enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. I think in some ways it’s similar to my other creative endeavors. These just don’t last as long (or turn out quite as pretty ususally), but I think I like the tactility of cooking.

Anyway, here’s what we ate last night:

A steak salad inspired by a salad I had last week in Atlanta (or Peachtree City rather) at Ted’s Montanna Grill. I recreated it as much as I could remember.

Steak Salad

I cooked the steak on our indoor grill after marinating it in olive oil, garlic and pepper. (We may be the only people in Texas who don’t have an outdoor grill, but that’s ok.) I cut the steak into strips and served it on top of lettuce, tomato and red onion. Then I sprinkled a few chopped nuts and some bleu cheese on top. Last, I poured a little balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil over it.

To drink, we had one of my spring/summer favorites: ice water with orange slices and fresh mint leaves (served in my favorite goldfish pitcher!).

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